The Founder

Rev. Samuel Fianko-Ofori

Rev. Samuel Fianko-Ofori is the founder and the President of the FCB Foundation. He is also the founder of Family Cathedral Baptist from which we had the abbreviation, FCB for the Foundation. Also, he is the CEO of FCB Human Resources Consultancy, LLC. He believes service to God is service to mankind and his focus is to reach out to the poor and the needy at the Orphanages, Prisons, Hospitals, deprived schools, Shelters and help meet their needs financially, emotionally, materially and spiritually. He is an HR Specialist whose focus is centered on Human Resource Management specializing in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

He had both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia where he majored in Human Resource Management and Executive Leadership respectively. He is currently taking his Doctoral studies in Philosophy, majoring in Organizational Development and Leadership from University of Arizona to be graduated later 2021.

His dissertation project work is on, “Implementing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategies at workplace. He has an extensive experience and training in Human Resource: Recruiting, talent management and development, Strategic Leadership and Agile Project Management, coupled with over 15 years in Managerial role. Also, he is taking a class in Executive Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Georgetown University to make him more proficient in this area because of his great passion for D,E&I. In the past and in his current job: he has successfully overseen the development and implementation of programs and services that promote diversity within organizations.

Also, he has measured and monitored company’s diversity, equity and inclusion. Again, he developed new programs and practices that effectively increase diversity by providing support to various groups within the organization. Additionally, he administered training to help employees embrace and understand differing perspective and provided direction in diversity, equity and inclusion themes in a global context. Further, he has successfully supervised the creation and implementation plans in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within organizations.

Samuel Fianko-Ofori has significantly promoted and developed training programs to enhance employee understanding on diversity, equity and inclusions issues. He has strongly been championing recruiting and staffing; organizational and space planning; performance management and improvement systems; organizational development, employment and compliance to regulatory concerns, employee orientation, development, and training, policy development, employee relations, company-wide committee facilitation; company employee and community communication, compensation and benefits administration, employee safety, welfare, wellness, and health; charitable giving; and employee services and counseling.

Samuel has led and overseen multiple business operations, overseeing a department or group of employees within his organization: managed stress, and effectively communicated with coworkers. As an HR Director, he provided private sector firms consistency with current policies and regulations, and providing expertise to support changes to policy or regulation. He has written technical information for internal & external audiences. He has developed material for communicating information on policies and procedures to a broad base of constituents. He prepared issue and/or briefing papers for program personnel, subject-matter groups and/or management officials at all levels within an organization on subject matter issues in a technical advisory capacity.

Samuel spends his vacation or down time to organize seminars and speaks at conferences for both government agencies and several NGO’s in Ghana, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, etc. This has given his portfolio a strong diplomatic and interpersonal skills, high political acumen, including management and problem-solving skills; ability to represent his organization in high profile networks. This has given him excellent oral and written communication skills with a demonstrated ability to think strategically and synthesize complex issues. Also, with strong team orientation, with an ability to lead and work effectively with a range of clients and colleagues including operational staff, senior management, and senior officials in the Banking Industry and other sectors.

Samuel has demonstrated ability for providing leadership, motivate people, manage relationships, and deliver results in a matrix organizational structure. He has a high degree of professional integrity, discretion, tact, and sensitivity in dealing with internal and external clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. Samuel is happily married to Lady Elsie and has three children: Kevin, Prince and Hillary.

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